Canvas Gallery Wraps
Canvas wraps are printed on
high quality canvas that is
then stretched completely
around the edges.  Best of
all, gallery wraps come ready
to hang; complete with
backing, mounting bracket
and protective UV coating, so
your image will last a lifetime!
Canvas Clusters
Mounted and ready to hang
1-10x30, 1-15x30 and 1-20x30
Cluster 7

1-32x20 and 2-16x20

Cluster 1
Cluster 2
9- 8x8's
Cluster 3
Cluster 4
Cluster 5
1 20x30, 4 10x14's
Cluster 6
1 20x32, 3 13x10's
Split Canvas
Showcase your image over multiple canvas panels to create one piece of
2 12x24