5 Things to look for in your wedding photographer
1. Style
You're engaged and planning your wedding. You begin to look up wedding photographers and
you hit a wall! There are SO MANY to choose from! That is where style comes into play. It is
important to know the style of wedding photography that you enjoy! How do you choose a
wedding photographer that will document your special day in your vision and style? First, lets
start off with a few styles.

Photojournalistic is probably one of the most popular right now. The photographers try to focus
on capturing moments with little or no direction or posing. Trying to capture emotion, moments
as they happen, and catching pure genuine moments!
Traditional- A traditional wedding photographer has a heavy focus on family portraits and very posed images of
many of the guests that are attending your wedding. They typically focus on up selling many prints to guests
and family members.

Artistic- An artistic photographer focuses on capturing images that are creative and very unique. An artistic
photographer usually plays close attention to detail, color and many elements of the day! They typically use
many different camera lenses and their experience levels are high.
Memory Keeper Photography has evolved into being about 75% artistic, 20% photojournalistic and
5% traditional. I love paying close attention to detail and my ultimate goal is gathering 5-6 images from
your wedding that look like they just stepped out of a wedding magazine. I don't use many filters, fake
backgrounds and overlays, I try my best to capture each moment in camera, making my turnaround
time that much faster for you to enjoy your photographs!
3. Pricing
Every bride and groom have a specific budget set in mind when it comes to planning their dream
wedding. One thing that many people do not realize is that the price of a photographer can range
from a few hundred dollars, to several thousands of dollars. Finding your dream photographer is the
main goal. Make sure that when you contact your photographer you know your budget, do your
research and don't be afraid to ask for their pricing before you fall in love with them and their work!
2. Personality
Typically, your wedding photographer is the one vendor that is with you the entire day! Which
makes personality huge in finding the perfect photographer. Is the photographer laid back,
organized, controlling...will they get along with your bridal party and guests? Do they have an "in
your face" approach to photography or will they tend to let you enjoy your day and capture
moments as they happen?
4. Experience
Research your photographer inside and out. Take a look into their website, Instagram, and
Facebook. See how current their work is and how busy they are. Is this a full time job for the
photographer or are they a "weekend warrior". What type of equipment is the photographer working
with? Do they have backup equipment? Do they have a studio location or are they an on location
photographer? Are they a natural light photographer or do they use flash or studio strobes? Does
the person have the skill and ability to shoot in low light situations? Does the photographer have
assistants and second shooters? Are the fully licensed and insured? How many weddings have
they photographed? How long have they been in business?

All of these are legitimate concerns and questions you should always ask your potential wedding
5. Referrals
Nothing feels better than a referral from a past client, or even better, another photographer. Our
business was built on personal referrals and word of mouth. We have generated a chain of really
awesome local photographers that we feel comfortable with sending clients to, when we are booked.
Ask your friends who they used, and what they loved about their wedding photographer. Your
connections are a really great way of finding someone fabulous!  
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